Our Story

We are Pickleball FANATICS!! We play as much as we can and soak up as much information as possible about the game. We created Junior Force Pickleball to pass our knowledge of the game to the next generation. Like many parents, we have children that want to play, however we were unable to find places that have quality instructors, who specialize in coaching children. Therefore, we decided to do something about it.

We recognized the need to create a solid infrastructure where children can learn the game in a manner that would be fun, yet capturing the fundamentals to be successful. By creating an in depth curriculum for our Summer Camps and Academies, which are taught by Youth Pickleball Association Certified Coaches, we created programs that teach the game but also produces a safe environment for our athletes to thrive.

Naturally, competition through Leagues and Tournaments has become an essential piece of the Junior Force Pickleball program, as many of our athletes gravitate towards playing and competing.

Our goal is to create the Pickleball roadmap for our youth and see where the game will take them.

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Junior Force Pickleball is a proud partner of the Youth Pickleball Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the game of Pickleball through our youth. All Junior Force Pickleball Coaches are certified instructors through the Youth Pickleball Association Coaching certification program, the leading youth certification program for Pickleball in the country!