Frequently Asked Questions

With the rapid expansion of the sport, many see the opportunity to get in and make some quick cash… Unfortunately, it has been very difficult for parents to navigate a quality program for their children versus a money grab for a coach.  Junior Force Pickleball is the answer for parents looking to find a Pickleball program that covers all facets of the game.  From beginner to advanced, our certified Youth Pickleball Association coaches create a safe and positive environment, utilizing a curriculum that has been created exclusively for children! 

Junior Force Pickleball is offered to athletes ages 6 through 17 years old. Our programs are designed to accommodate beginner to advanced athletes.  We coach by skill level in addition to age and grade; therefore, all of our athletes are put into proper groups in an effort to maximize each athlete’s lesson.

All of our coaches at Junior Force Pickleball are certified Youth Pickleball Association Coaches.  The coaches understand how to teach Pickleball to children, but more so, how to be a proper role model for the athletes. Junior Force Pickleball conducts background checks on each of our coaches to ensure a safe environment for all.

This depends on the activity that you choose.  If you are enrolling in a League or Tournament, the answer to the question is yes.  However, if you choose to enroll in one of our Recreational, Academies or Summer Camp programs, the curriculum incorporates Pickleball play with fun Pickleball games and other activities. YES, we created a ton of Pickleball games for our athletes.  This allows our coaches to keep our athletes focused and having FUN, all while continuing to learn new skill sets!    

Absolutely!  Having an athlete hold a paddle and try Pickleball for the first time, excites our coaches!!  Our Recreational programs, Academies and Summer Camps are designed to welcome first time Pickleball athletes, as we break up into groups based on the athletes skill levels.  This creates a non-intimidating environment and allows the coaches to teach different skill sets to the different groups of athletes. 

To be clear, the skill level / group that an athlete is placed in, can and will change the more they play and learn about Pickleball.

Safety is the number 1 priority at Junior Force Pickleball.  Ensuring that your child is safe is paramount to the success of our program.  All of our coaches are interviewed and background checks are conducted. As well, our coaches are all certified Youth Pickleball Association coaches, who have experience working with children.

Of course!  The beauty of the Junior Force Pickleball program is that the more involved your child becomes in Pickleball, the more options are available to them.  For example, a child who had never played Pickleball before can enroll in our Recreational program or Summer Camp to see if they like playing.  They then can continue their development by enrolling in our Academy.  As their skills continue to increase and the child’s self confidence grows, they can then enroll into our Leagues or Tournaments.  Your child’s Pickleball journey is just beginning at Junior Force Pickleball and it is our job to facilitate the necessary steps to continue their growth.

All athletes are required to have their own Pickleball paddle.  If your child does not have a Pickleball paddle, you can purchase a paddle on our website during the enrollment process.  We highly recommend a Youth Pickleball Association certified paddle as these paddles are specifically designed to help children.  Youth Pickleball Association certified paddles consider all appropriate factors for a child, such as weight and size of the paddle, along with durability. 

All athletes are required to wear socks and sneakers and bring a water bottle.

It is highly recommended to wear protective eyewear, but is not required.  

After enrolling in a Junior Force Pickleball program, a detailed confirmation and welcome packet will be emailed to you. The welcome packet will include specifics such as: time of arrival and departure, location of drop off and pick up, what to bring and contact information.  

At Junior Force Pickleball, we understand things happen.  Therefore, if your child needs to cancel, a credit will be issued for a future Junior Force Pickleball program. 

If canceled 30 days or more prior to the program start date a $50 processing fee will be deducted from the credit issued.  If canceled less than 30 days prior to the program start date a $100 processing fee will be deducted from the credit issued. Once a program has begun, no credits will be issued for cancellation.

No prorated credits will be issued for partial attendance at a program or missed days due to illness, dismissal, behavioral issues, or any other reason.

Junior Force Pickleball credits are non transferable.