This level welcomes new athletes to the sport and most have little or no experience. Our coaches will teach the fundamentals and skills of the game within the framework of “playing” using a cooperative format. Our coaches incorporate proper technique from the beginning as this is the key to successful development of each athlete. Coaches will help build confidence with each athlete and ensure each athlete feels success the very first time they step on the court.

At this stage athletes are introduced to the basic shots of the games and understanding of what shots occur from different areas of the court. The game of singles and doubles will be introduced. As the athletes progress from a complete beginner to an advanced beginner, there will be an introduction into the different ways of scoring and playing and the focus is not on winning and losing, but more so on “relaxed” competition. As well, the foundation for proper sportsmanship will be introduced to the athlete in this stage.

At this stage the athlete has already had some experience with the game of pickleball. The athlete can keep score on their own and may be seeking more competition either in singles or doubles. Basic rules are understood and more specific rules will be introduced by the coach as needed. Athletes in this stage are starting to work on harder shots, as well as handling different tactical scenarios. An intermediate athlete can demonstrate a more proficient level of execution of the basic shots introduced in the beginner level.

Along with broadening shot selection within the context of the game, tactics and strategy begin to become a focus for the coach and their athlete as they develop a game style that they are comfortable with. Coaches continue to improve technical skill sets by creating a learning environment that focuses on “game-based” drills which encourage the athlete to take their game to the advanced level.

Athletes show fundamentally strong overall technique. Coaches will refine specific skill sets and focus on the “individual”. This is where drilling of specific shots, skills and tactics differentiate each level. At this stage the athlete has had some competition experience in either a recreational or competitive setting. They have mastered certain shots, are proficient with most shots and can utilize different tactical options to win points and games. When the athlete is ready for tournament level training, then a plan will be developed to give the athlete an opportunity to pursue that pathway.

For more information about a specific Junior Force Pickleball Recreational program, please use the search feature to find the best option for your family. If you do not see a location in your area and would love to have one, please reach out and let us know! Contact us, we will do everything in our power to make it happen.

Bringing youth Pickleball to your community and having your child and their friends play, is a major reason why we created Junior Force Pickleball!